“There may be manuals about breastfeeding, but nothing gets you through the tough beginning of learning to feed your new baby like an actual person who knows the body and knows how to help in a way that is gentle, personal and non-judgmental. I often felt “alone” in the breastfeeding journey, but working with Sharla helped me to feel like there was a way out of the challenges. Baby and I went on to have a very successful breastfeeding relationship, and I already have Sharla lined up to help with my second’s arrival in a couple of months. This kind of service is invaluable and all too rare in the life of a new mom. I highly recommend working with Sharla from the very first days of breastfeeding and onward.”
— J.K.

Happy Clients


"Sharla helped me get off and running with nursing and was able to give me perspective when I hit walls. She helped me look at nursing as a cornerstone for connecting with my baby. She truly cares about fostering the mom and baby relationship, and does so with patience and sincerity."

— W.F.

"Sharla's help during my first months of motherhood was immeasurable. I successfully breastfed all three of my children and that was in large part due to Sharla's guidance. Her ability to listen without judgement and to offer sound advice from latching to weaning made her so special. She's kind and knowledgable and a gift to breastfeeding mothers. Thank you, Sharla!"

— J.B.

"Sharla with her kind caring expertise helped me at a time when I needed it the most. As a mother to a newborn, I was facing some issues related to breastfeeding. Sharla helped me work through it and provided me with information backed by medical references. I am forever grateful to Sharla for helping during a time of exhaustion, worry and need." 

— C.G.

"I am so blessed to have known Sharla and had her guidance and example during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Sharla has the ability to help with breastfeeding in a calm and unassuming way allowing mothers having difficulty to feel more at ease. Sharla's knowledge is vast, but her instinct is what makes her so good at all she does."