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My Services

  • Lactation consultations in your home followed by phone and email support

  • Private prenatal breastfeeding classes in your home

  • Group prenatal breastfeeding classes for you, your partner and other supporters

  • Drop-In Support Groups

  • Package Deal: book a private class with initial home consultation at a special rate!

  • Corporate consultations and job site lactation services: recruit and retain employees; improve your workplace's lactation environment; prioritize the health of your employees and their families; increase productivity; and boost morale

  • Gift certificates for classes, consultations, and support group meetings (great baby shower and new baby gifts!)




Why an IBCLC?

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are experts in breastfeeding/lactation. We are required to stay up on the science of human lactation, to re-certify every five years, and to sit for IBLCE's exam every ten years. In order to be eligible to sit for the IBLCE exam, we need to complete health science college coursework (my bachelor's degree in nutrition satisfied this requirement), and we are required to have 90+ hours of lactation-specific education and to have counseled several hundred breastfeeding families. My counseling experience came from my time as a public health nutritionist at Women, Infants, and Children (WIC);  as a La Leche League Leader; and as a birth and postpartum doula.

It's said that breastfeeding a baby is the most natural thing in the world, but it doesn't always come naturally. Like many new parents, I experienced a few challenges while breastfeeding my own children. I want to help others avoid or overcome similar difficulties, if possible. The nursing dyad is such a special relationship and I want as many people as possible to get a chance to experience it. Here in America, lactation consultants are often the only health professional visiting a new family in their home, and sometimes we are the only health care worker seeing a new mom in the first six weeks postpartum. 

An IBCLC is a unique professional for your family's unique needs. We are small parts sister, friend, nurse, doula, nutritionist, therapist, parenting coach, biology teacher and detective! We are an invaluable part of your postpartum support system! 


How I Can Help You

  • Positioning and latching baby

  • Alleviating sore nipples

  • Building and maintaining your milk supply

  • Weighing baby pre- and post-feed with a highly sensitive infant scale

  • Explaining normal newborn behavior and care

  • Introducing temporary lactation tools and aids

  • Weaning off of a nipple shield

  • Weaning off of formula

  • Introducing solid foods

  • Relieving engorgement

  • Managing oversupply

  • Nursing during pregnancy

  • Feeding multiples

  • Lactation after breast surgery

  • Preparing to return to work

  • Teething and biting

  • Tandem and toddler nursing

  • Making milk for an adopted baby

  • Relactating after milk supply has dwindled

  • Weaning

  • New parent resources in your community

  • Referring you to specialists when needed

  • And so much more!


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